About Me

Working in the field of Physical Therapy for over 30 years has allowed me the opportunity to help thousands of people improve their health and make positive changes in their lives.

I have always had a passion for helping others and I love science; more specifically how the human body works and repairs itself. My first experience having anything to do with physical rehab was working with a special needs child when I was very young.  I helped the mother take her daughter through “patterns” to facilitate her muscles to work in the functional pattern needed for crawling. I was only six or seven, but I fell in love with the way the body works and how you can positively impact someone’s life.  As I got older, I worked with several summer camps hosted by the Special Olympics and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. These experiences further confirmed my decision to work in the field of rehab.

I started working on my undergraduate studies in Physical Therapy, got married and began working as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  I later finished my 4 year college degree obtaining a BA.  Along with graduate credentials, I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner/Instructor and a Certified Essential Oil Coach. 

I still love learning - that is the reason Learning Health and Wellness was born!" In 2016 I decided to focus more on what I love to teach.  So, although I still see an occasional Physical Therapy patient, at a prestigious orthopedic output clinic, I now devote the majority of my time teaching others how to live a healthier, happier life; by offering my experience and expertise in Kinesio taping, Anatomy, Personal Training and Essential Oils. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to speak, to approximately 150 Nurses in Leadership positions, at Methodist/LeBonheur in Memphis, Tn, been a featured guest on the Mary Beth Conley show and have an article that has been published in Cypress Magazine. I also have a working relationship with one of the key nurses at Vanderbilt Hospital, who is currently working on patient protocols using essential oils for pain, sleep, nausea, stress and pathogen control.  

I am married to my amazing husband Brent, who has encouraged and supported my dreams for the last 30 years. I am also the proud mother of two boys. Joshua is a Shelby County Firefighter/Paramedic and Johnathan is the Crew Chief of a CH53 in the US Marines.

I’m so thankful for the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and can’t wait to pass it along to you. Contact me, so that I can help you live a Healthier & Happier Life today!

-Terry Mecklin

Terry Mecklin, PTA, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

Terry Mecklin, PTA, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

What I Teach.

Anatomy 3D

I offer Anatomy 3D because I see the need for those who are working in the healthcare field to review their anatomy.  I have attended many continuing education classes where healthcare professionals did not remember the names, insertion or origin of the muscles being discussed. I want an easy, affordable, and retainable way for them to refresh or relearn their anatomy. 

Just as important, I see the need for those who are in college and HighSchool, to learn and retain the materials they need to know in order to excel. Those pursing a medical or healthcare related degree need to make every grade count so that they can get into the graduate school of their choice.  

Anatomy 3D courses help you retain the information because what you “see, hear & do” the brain remembers!


Kinesio Taping Classes

The Kinesio Taping Method® is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting. I am the only certified kinesio taping practitioner (CKTP+) in the tri-state area.

I initially started using Kinesio tape with my patients in outpatient physical therapy. Because of the great results that the tape had in helping to decrease my patient’s pain level and swelling as well as increase their mobility and stability at joints, I pursed further education to build on that knowledge.  WIth the completion of my course work I became a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor and am now able to teach others how to properly and safely use and apply this amazing tape.  It is a great tool even for the weekend warrior when they know how to properly use it.


Essential Oils

I love helping people live healthier and happier lives. My story over coming deep sadness and fatigue has propelled me to help others have the life they deserve and to achieve their goals and dreams.  

 In our quest for healthier happier live it is so important to remove  as many toxins from our lives as possible.  Did you know that you are exposed to over 700,000 toxic chemicals every day?  Did you know we purposely purchase many of these toxins, we bring them into our homes and put them on and in our bodies and our children’s bodies. We can’t eliminate all the dangerous chemicals we are exposed to everyday but there is a lot we can control.  I love learning how to take control and I especially love passing that knowledge onto others!

*Essential Oils Statement: Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.