CKTT Level 1: Basic Training

CKTT Level 1: Basic Training


CKTT Level 1: Basic Training

Cost: $65.00

Who is the class for?

Everyone 14 and older.

Are there prerequisites or requirements?

Registrants must be over the age of 14.

Course Overview

During this 2 hour workshop, you will be introduced to 5 simple applications (e.g. low back, shoulder, knee, foot, and ankle) as well as contraindications for the use of Kinesio® Tape Pre-cuts.

Level 1 Course Objectives:

Participants successfully completing this course will:

1. Be familiar with the history and theory of Kinesio® Tape.

2. Be comfortable handling Kinesio® Tape

3. Know what “not to do” with Kinesio® Tape

4. Know when to consult a physician before applying Kinesio® Tape

5. Be able to properly apply precut applications learned in class

6. Know how to safely remove Kinesio® Tape

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